Vlada Dyecheva is a multidisciplinary artist working in digital + physical world of media, fashion and film. ⇣

After living in Ukraine, Belgium and Spain, she fearlessly sailed over the Atlantic Ocean to find new edge in art and strategy. 

At MICA she dived into multiple art forms and collaborated with contemporary designers. After discovering herself in moving image, her early works such as Imprints, Bcourt and Doze traveled and screened across East Coast.

Coming to New York required an update, so she flew a plane and settled in Brooklyn. She continued to create as a videographer and editor for production companies like Eoti Studios, Pocket Media Group and House Studios.

Her background in art and culture pushes her to make conceptual work from a perspective of a female artist observing the now while inventing the possibilities of tomorrow. 

Visit her recent work:

 Men Should Hold More Flowers  x Article

Zodiac Stories (new!)

Please email [email protected] for a full portfolio.

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