Best Bullet To Make Peace With

 It took some time for me to join the movement and discover Bulletproof Coffee
even though the hype was everywhere. After my partner made it for the first
time, I got addicted to the froth, coconut smell and now can never go back to
drinking regular coffee again. 

 Some like it with ghee butter… Some like it with MCT oil. I like it based on what
works best for my body. The list of great things this little change can do goes on
for as long as you let it. After all, who could of thought that adding natural
ingrediets to your coffee could increase energy, protect your liver, help fight
depression and enhance brain function? 

 Just when I thought the taste of my morning drink couldn’t get more bold, I was
thrown off my chair into pure bliss. After examining each ingredient and
adjusting the recipe to own taste, my cup of coffee always has coconut butter,
oat milk and a dash of cinnamon. 

 Be my coffee guest. Start within.

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