Burned Out?

In a century of constant movement and obsessive need for instancy, we
often burn bright and run out of what makes us spark. Looking at how time
flows can sometimes leave us wondering where all of our energy goes. 

 One of the best things I’ve been told is to get rid of distractions when it
comes to where we end up spending most time, our mental space. Our minds
are meant to hold treasures, not worries. Once aware of how we spend our
energy, we are able to weigh things out and make rational choices on what
forces us to be reactive instead of being proactive. 

 Burning out is a serious matter that makes me realize that life doesn’t have
to be a flame. Why not pick something that lasts longer? Be like water. Flow
with the energy that surrounds you. May that stream take us somewhere
we will fully enjoy our stay. 

Burned out? Start within. 

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