Cha Cha with Matcha

Do you like to dance? Do you do it as much as you wish you could? Yeah,
me neither, but I have found a shortcut. 

I started to make matcha sometime around noon and the moves my body
makes after the first few sips will make you want to join my private parties. 

 It’s something about that green that sends me on a spiritual vacation
where it’s just me and this sip tuning me in being with the moment. Then, all
of a sudden, I’m cha chaing in the funkiest outfit I had when I was five
years old. That’s right. In that moment, I’m bringing it back, as well as my
awesome dance moves and great health habits. 

Maybe it’s just my imagination but it wouldn’t have happened without this
antioxidant that brings big waves of new energy. 

 Join the dance. Start within.  

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