Holding Space

Spring cleaning… It’s real. 

 There’s nothing more refreshing than having the freedom to start anew. It
always feels like a gift to be able to observe the things I’ve been holding
onto so tightly and let go of what I outgrew and no longer need. 

 Many of us have a habit of letting moments clutter around us in hope that
we will want to get back to them in the future. Believe it or not, it’s very
unlikely. I suggest embracing simplicity of the space instead of letting it
collect dust. Doing so will only benefit your wellbeing by tuning your focus,
reducing corner hiding anxieties, and letting you feel like your most collected

 Being active about what you really need is the first step to holding space for
all the good things that are yet to enter your life. 

 So, do it responsibly. Start within.

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